He is drug free and She tried everything!


Autism..going, going, going...go........

Chad and Angela



You've not heard our story about them?
My grandson
He was kicked out is 4 schools from the age of 5 to 12 for bad behavior. He was diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and ODD plus other learning challenges.... he was nicknamed the Sierra Modray strangler😩 it was bad... his mother, my daughter doesn't like having him on medication. Had to put him on meds.😘she also being a single parent couldn't work cause she had to go to school with him and be his handler. He choked out a few kids at school. .... after giving him Mmf, after 3 days, he woke up that morning and said,"is it someone's birthday today? He was excited and figured it must be someone s birthday.. after two weeks, she took him off his medication. After 3 months he came home with not only his first A but 3 A's and a friend!!!😘😘 after now being on Mmf for 2 years. He likes Hydro better but his mother, Michelle received this letter from a teacher at the first school he attended that kicked him out.

Mom with a child that has Autism is thankful for the nutritional support of MMF.


Quote: Jan 3rd, 2017: Oh I wanted to tell you, my daughter Kay, autistic, has been on MMF for 3 weeks now, SHES TALKING MORE AND MUCH MORE CLEARLY. WE CAN'T BELIEVE IT STARTED HAPPENING SO SOON. LONG WAY TO GO, SO HAPPY FOR HER TO BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE BETTER. WE HAD FAMILY OVER FOR CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE HEARD THE DIFFERENCE. YEAHHHHHHH. THANK YOU ELLEN_ THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING WITH OUT YOU RECOMMENDING IT. My pain and joint issues are just about non existant also. 💞😚😚😄❤️Quote: Feb 16th: I've been waiting to tell you this, but I needed to make sure . Kay has suffered greatly from autism gut issues which I know you are familiar with. It's been 2 months for her with not one issue. No meds, no fiber, not anything to help her except the MMF. She has a movement everyday, no constipation, no bleeding, no diaria, no issues what so ever. Best of all, no more pain. She is doing excellent and so am I. I can never thank you enough for getting me to try MMF, it has changed our lives so much. Thank you. I thought you would like to know about this. ❤️
Quote: Same with me. No more issues for me either. Also, for the last 3-4 years I have been rushed to the hospital every January. The last 2 years I almost died. With MMF, nothing, no getting sick every time I turn around, no antibiotics, no hospital in ICU for weeks. I have been feeling amazing. Type. ❤️